Genealogy Policy

1. The Library will accept genealogy research questions. A volunteer, if available, may do the research, plus cost of photocopies and any other necessary expense.

2. Patrons and non-patrons are always welcome in the Library to do their own research when the Library is open or if special arrangements have been made. Researchers requesting volunteer assistance should schedule an appointment with the Library. Volunteer availability or presence at the time of the appointment is not guaranteed.

3. It would be helpful to:

            a. Specify sources which have already been checked

            b. Outline what information is desired

            c. Identify the amount of time to be spent researching

            d. Share family group sheets with researcher
4. This information could shorten the hours of research needed. Unless specified otherwise, we will add your family group sheets to our file of local family histories. Any donations to the Library for genealogical research will be accepted.


Written February 2000

Adopted December 2005

Revised December 2005

Reviewed March 2009

Reviewed December 2015

Amended October 2019