Plan of Service

Strategic Plan

Community Partnerships

Continue weekly reading visits to the preschools – Great Beginnings and Colonel’s Kids.

Check out one ipad to the preschools for a 2 week period.

Improve communication  with Columbus Community School District.

Contact the School Librarian to offer any services they might find beneficial to the classroom.

Encourage classroom visits to the Public Library.

Continue with our “Breakfast with Santa” craft project. Offer to attend any school programs that would benefit from the Public Library presence.

Continue to support the in-home community outreach to the Chin community under the direction of Marsh Gerot.  Continue to add very simple colorful books for use with this program that are helpful to a non-English speaking family.

Provide space and materials for “The Storks Nest” and other organizations who promote early reading in a family environment.

Participate in community activities that would benefit from Library participation. Activities to include The Louisa County Fair, the Farmer’s Market, Wildcat’s First school outreach, the Community in-service program provided to Columbus Community School District staff members, Columbus Day, the Swinging Bridge Festival, the Community Easter Egg Hunt, Community Family night in December and all other programs that would  benefit from Library participation.

Community Information and Education

Continue to improve our Juvenile Fiction and Information collection with appealing books of various reading levels in order to reach low level readers.

Continue to improve our Early Fiction and Information collection with books that are appealing to all young children. We pay special attention to books that are simple and colorful to appeal to non-English speaking children and their parents.

Community Leisure Activities

Monitor technology trends in order to provide the best service we can to our patrons who use the Library for leisure activities. Future purchases will be guided by patron needs and could include additional IPads and/or laptops.

Meet with internet provider to review and assess our current system to determine if we have greater needs.

Develop areas within the Library that are based on patron comfort and are better able to accommodate  patrons who bring in their own wireless devices.

Develop a family friendly area in Children’s Room to accommodate adults who bring in their wireless devices while watching their children.

Develop a plan to access needs for adult programming to include movie nights, visiting authors, mini piano concerts, art programs and other programs targeted at our adult community.

Welcoming environment for our entire Community

Manage the Roundy Bequest for the benefit of the Library as a vital part of the community.

Assess and monitor the condition of the building interior and exterior that are the specific responsibility of the Library. Reserve a portion of the yearly bequest for repairs and improvement to furniture and fixtures and technology needs.

Reserve a portion of the bequest for additional parking if and when appropriate property should become available.

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