Use of the Collection and Suitability Policy


Columbus Junction Public Library

Use of the Collection and Suitability Policy


1. The Library makes every effort to present a balance of viewpoints on controversial subjects. Patrons are free to accept or reject for themselves any item in the collection. Library materials are not marked or identified to indicate approval or disapproval of their content. Books and materials are not placed on restricted shelves with the intent of limiting access to contents. Controlled or limited access is only for the purpose of protecting material from damage or theft.

2. Children are not limited to materials in the juvenile collection. Responsibility for the reading of children rests with their parents and legal guardians, not with the Library. The Library does not assume responsibility for possible misuse of information found in the collection by young readers.

3. A request form for reconsideration of books or materials is available to any patron. Completed "Request for Reconsideration" forms are referred to the Library Director, who will review the request and the challenged material, and respond to the complainant. After receiving the Director's response, the complainant may approach the Library board for further consideration. Challenged materials will not be removed from the public shelves while awaiting resolution of a request for reconsideration. A  reconsideration request form is available at the circulation desk.

adopted 4/2000; revised 6/2002; reviewed 3/2009; reviewed 08/2012; reviewed 12/2015

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