Computer Use Policy

1. The following Computer Use Policy has been developed as a complement to relevant laws and policies to define acceptable and unacceptable computer use practices, to promote an understanding of responsible usage of Library computing resources, and to protect and conserve those computing resources. The policy is not intended to be exhaustive, and the Library reserves the right to limit, restrict, or extend computing privileges and access to its computing resources.

2. In support of its mission, the Library provides access to computing resources for its patrons and other authorized users. The computing resources of the Library, including hardware, software, networks, and computer accounts, are the property of the Library. The use of these resources is a privilege granted by the Library to authorized users only. The Library requires all persons authorized to use its computing resources to do so responsibly and in compliance with all state and federal laws, all contractual and license agreements, and all policies of the Library and its Board of Trustees.

3. Authorized users of the Library's computing resources must act responsibly to maintain the integrity and security of these resources. Each user of a computing resource is ultimately responsible for the use of that computing resource. Patrons misusing the Library's computing resources in violation of federal and state laws, Board of Trustees and City policies, or this policy are subject to forfeiture of their computer privileges. In the event such misuse of computer resources threatens to compromise the integrity or jeopardize the security of Library computer resources or harm authorized users of those resources, the Library is authorized to take any and all necessary actions, including the immediate confiscation and/or disabling of a Library computer resource or the temporary or permanent termination of a computer account, to protect, investigate, and ensure the security and proper use of computer resources.

4. Use of any Library computing resource is restricted to those having proper authorization to use that particular resource. It is a violation of the law and Library policy to assist in, encourage, or conceal from authorities any unauthorized use, or attempt an unauthorized use, of any of the Library's computers or network facilities.

5. No one shall knowingly endanger the security of any Library computing resource, nor willfully interfere with authorized computer usage by circumventing or attempting to circumvent normal resource limits, logon procedures, or security regulations. Furthermore, use of all Library computing resources shall be subject to all provisions of the Library’s policies on the matter, which are incorporated by reference as part of this Computer Use Policy. 

6. No technologies shall be connected to the Library’s computing resources that interfere with authorized usage of those resources. The Library reserves the right to restrict the use of any technologies that may endanger the security and/or integrity of its computing resources.

7. The Library’s computing resources shall not be used to attempt unauthorized use, or to interfere with another person's legitimate use, of any computer or network facility anywhere. All users shall share computing resources and cooperate fully with the other users of the same equipment. Encroaching on or disrupting another person's use of Library computers is prohibited. Examples of such acts include but are not limited to: initiating denial of service attacks; modifying system facilities, operating systems, or disk partitions; attempting to crash or tie up a Library computer; damaging or vandalizing Library computing facilities, equipment, software, or computer files; causing an inordinately large number of requests for files; spamming; sniffing; running scans; reconfiguring; or using an inordinately high percentage of bandwidth.

8. Passwords to any computing resource shall only be issued to authorized users. Password recipients are responsible for the integrity of their password and shall not distribute it to unauthorized users.

9. Misrepresenting a person's identity or relationship to the Library when obtaining or using Library computer or network privileges is prohibited.

10. Accessing, reading, altering, or deleting any other person's computer files without specific authorization is prohibited.

11. Copying, installing, distributing, infringing, or otherwise using any software, data files, images, text, or other materials in violation of copyrights, trademarks, service marks patents, other intellectual property rights, contracts, or license agreements is prohibited. All usage of computing resources shall be in compliance with federal and state copyright laws. 

12. Creating, installing, or knowingly distributing a computer virus, “Trojan horse,” or other surreptitiously destructive program on any Library computer or network facility, regardless of whether any demonstrable harm results, is prohibited.

13. Only those persons with proper authorization shall modify or reconfigure any Library computing resource or network facility. 

14. Users of Library computing resources shall have no expectation of privacy of materials stored on those resources. The Library reserves the right to access any of its computer resources when federal or state laws or Library policies may have been violated or where Library operations may be impeded or when deemed in the best interest of the Library.

15. Patrons should not place confidential information in computers. The Library cannot and will not guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of computer files or other information stored or transmitted by its computers. All computer usage on Library computing resources and network facilities is subject to the provisions of the Iowa’s Open Records Laws.

16. Violations will be classified as major or minor based on the following considerations:

a. Intent of the person committing the violation

b. Sensitivity of resource compromised

c. Effect on the Library

17. The accessing or use of Library computers shall constitute acknowledgement of this waiver and disclaimer and shall be deemed acceptance of its terms and conditions.

Adopted 04/2000; revised 06/2002; reviewed 03/2009; reviewed 01/2016; amended 7/2019

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.