Approval of Library Materials Policy

Columbus Junction Public Library

Approval of Library Materials Policy


1. No highly specialized material in the fields of law, medicine, science, etc., is purchased. 

2. An effort is made to select titles of merit as indicated by recognized book reviews. 

3. The Library does not favor nor discriminate against any religious group. Purchase of religious books is limited to those of a general nature or to be recognized classics and standard reference items. 

4. An effort is made to purchase fiction of some literary merit. Fiction selection involves a variety of types of novels and the need to satisfy requests, tastes, interest, purpose and reading level.

5. We will, in the majority of cases, purchase books on best sellers' lists to make them available to the public, even though some may be considered to be short-lived in nature. 

6. All Library materials will be cataloged in the Dewey Decimal system in accordance with ALA standards.

7. The Library has a variety of books in large print and will continue to add to these materials. Children's and young adult materials will follow the same guidelines as stated; however, special consideration is given to appropriateness. 

8. The Library cannot assume the responsibility of deciding what a child may or may not read. That responsibility must lie with the home and the parent.

9. The Library has a particular interest in local and state history and in the works of local authors. The same standards of selection apply to these materials as apply to all other works. 

10. Periodicals-the proliferation of titles available far exceeds the budget and space limitations of the Library but, in general, an attempt is made to select examples of each popular subgenre, language and more than one title if demand requires it. The Library will continue to subscribe to State of Iowa sponsored EbscoHost to allow better access to publications for research, children’s magazines, and the ability to be accessed in Spanish.

11. It is also the Library's policy to subscribe to as many titles indexed in typical public library magazine indexes as possible. The Library will try to maintain long runs of back files (one year) of specific titles, within the constraints of space and budget.

12. The Library will subscribe to local newspapers, as well as to newspapers from various cities in Iowa. They are selected on the basis of geographical representation and public demands, within the constraints of space and budget.

13. The Library purchases compact discs, books on compact disc, DVD's Purchases and selections are made within the constraints of space and budget. The Library will participate in a State of Iowa consortium (WILBOR) by agreement and yearly fee to provide access to e-books and audio books. 

14. It is necessary to weed our collections regularly. The "CREW" method of evaluation and weeding will be the authority used. In doing so, consideration will be given to the following:

a. Age of material based on copyright

b. Usage circulation

c. Physical appearance

d. Literary merit or accuracy of material

e. Value to the community



adopted 2/2000; revised 6/2002; reviewed 3/2009; revised 8/2012; reviewed 12/2015

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