Columbus Junction Public Library Objectives and Long Range Plans

Columbus Junction Public Library(CJPL)

Objectives and Long Range Plan



*The CJPL will develop plans to enhance library resources for our children and juvenile community members. Specifically, the CJPL will work in cooperation with the Columbus Community School district to identify and supplement our children and juvenile collections with appropriate materials that complement the goals of the school district. Specifically, a specific book collection addressing personal character development and issues surrounding bullying will be placed and highlighted in the CJPL.  Additionally, The CJPL will seek audio materials for special needs students.


*To continue to provide efficient library services to our community members, the CJPL will support a continual program of library staff development and education. Specifically,

the CJPL will identify educational and training opportunities for staff members to improve library-related computer skills, operation of basic library functions, and utilization of new technologies that will ultimately better serve our patrons.  Training opportunities may include on-line classes provided by the State Library of Iowa, or other opportunities.


*To evaluate the outcome of the CJPL’s expanded hours of operation that initiated in August 2012, the CJPL will develop a strategy to measure and analyze library usage patterns during hours of operation. As part of this analysis, the CJPL will evaluate staffing needs, and will add additional staff members as necessary to ensure that continual excellent service is provided to our patrons.


*The CJPL is committed to be an active participant in our community. To enhance our presence and exposure in the community, the CJPL will collaborate with the Community Development Director to bring arts and cultural programs to the community. Additionally, the CJPL will continue to participate in the Farmers Market to provide a display booth for the Columbus Community School Art Show and the 4H traveling photo exhibit, and will continue to organize educational events for children at the Farmers Market.


*The CJPL will seek ways to broaden volunteer opportunities to expand upon the volunteer program established in 2012.  As advocates of the library in the community, the CJPL recognizes the vial role volunteers play in the continued success of the CJPL.  Currently, volunteers support programs for adults and the summer reading program. In the future, the CJPL volunteer program will expand into our preschools and local care center reading programs. Additionally, the CJPL will establish a volunteer photography program that will enhance the CJPL’s website, Facebook site, and the City’s local cable channel with photographs and videos from library programs and events.



*The CJPL, in addition to the city of Columbus Junction, Columbus Community Schools, and five other organizations, are beneficiaries of the Roundy Trust. Based on current projections, the CJPL will receive between $20-30,000 on an annual basis.  To ensure maximal benefits for the community, the CJPL will develop a plan identifying priority areas for new investments, upgrades to existing library resources, and infrastructure maintenance. Examples include investments that will (i) keep pace with current computer software, hardware, and internet technologies, (ii) expand the bank of computers available to the community, and (iii) provide state-of-the-art on-line resources such as database subscriptions or educational programs. Additionally, the CJPL will look to invest in new cultural and arts programs and expand the current library collection.  For infrastructure improvements, the CJPL, in collaboration with the City of Columbus Junction and The Community Development Director, will develop a schedule of infrastructure improvements such as expanded parking and facility maintenance when needed.



Adopted 11/2012

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