Volunteer program policy

Columbus Junction Public Library (CJPL)                  

Volunteer Program Policy

The Columbus Junction Public Library is committed to providing quality service to our community. Volunteers are recognized as a valuable community resource; therefore, the CJPL Board of Trustees establishes a volunteer program by policy to promote quality service and to include our patrons and friends by providing a volunteer opportunity as part of our Library service.

Definition of a Volunteer

A volunteer performs a service of his or her own free will and is not paid by Library funds. A volunteer contributes time and talents to benefit the CJPL. All volunteers are required to fill out an application and interview with the Director before beginning assigned tasks. Types of volunteers also include community service workers, Friends of the Library, and Library Board members.

Utilization of Volunteers

After fulfilling the CJPL orientation that includes a tour of the physical layout of the Library, a review of Library policies and Mission Statement and signing a confidentiality form, a volunteer will be given assignments. Volunteers will be given meaningful assignments, and will be treated on an equal basis with employees. Volunteers will be under the direct supervision of the Director and/or senior staff employee and will receive training as needed. The Volunteer program and volunteers were be acknowledged as contributors to the goals and services of the Library annually by a newspaper article and a written thank you.

Volunteer Guidelines

  1. Volunteers will show respect to patrons, other volunteers and staff and are not expected to do anything that a staff member would not do.
  2. Volunteers are to report problems or grievances to the Library Director.
  3. Volunteers will not be used to replace staff members but may be used to increase Library services.
  4. Volunteers are expected to fulfill committed hours and to record hours in the volunteer notebook. Volunteers will call in advance if they are unable to fulfill a commitment. Library volunteer hours will be tallied annually.
  5. Volunteers are responsible for confidentiality of all Library information. Failure to maintain confidentiality will result in termination of the volunteer.
  6. Volunteers may start service at age 14, with parental/guardian permission.

Tasks That May Be Performed by a Volunteer

    1. Shelf reading
    2. Shelving materials
    3. Helping with programs and projects
    4. Light cleaning assignment
    5. Answering the phone
    6. Basic reference work
    7. Working at the circulation desk
    8. Special events

Benefits of a Volunteer Program

An active Volunteer program will enhance the Library presence in the community. Matching individual talents and interests provides community members with an opportunity to become Library ambassadors in the community and therefore, have direct influence on the mission of the CJPL.

Adopted 5/2012; reviewed 01/2016

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