Copying Policy


1. A photocopy machine is available at the Library.

2. Patrons will be charged the current posted rate for copies.  The exception is for students completing homework or otherwise printing items for school; Friends of the Columbus Junction Public Library has graciously agreed to subsidize the paper costs in order to provide this type of printing for free to all students. Likewise, Tyson Fresh Meats has generously donated to cover the costs of paperwork completed for citizenship or lawful permanent residence.

3. The Library complies fully with United States copyright law.

4. No profanity or pornographic materials may be copied.

5. Copy quantities may be limited by Library staff.

6. Patrons are urged to ask for assistance if unsure how to operate copier.


Written February 2000

Adopted December 2005

Revised December 2005

Reviewed March 2009

Amended December 2015

Amended October 2019

Reviewed January 2022