Individual assistance is offered for a variety of topics on an individual basis and could include help with citizenshippermanent residency, Microsoft Office products, internet/websites, resume writing, e-readers/Kindles/Ipads, database usage, and more. We are more than happy to help as much as we can, or help you get in touch with someone who may be able to offer the unique assistance you require. We ask that you schedule an appointment for questions or assistance that may take longer than 10 minutes, in order to help our staff plan and manage the desk. Please call the library at 319-728-7972 to coordinate before arriving, as we cannot guarantee availability without an appointment.

Citizenship Classes

Citizenship classes are periodically offered at the library and/or in conjunction with other community organizations. However, classes are not always offered at times that are most convenient or conducive to your schedule. We've worked to record the classes, as they would be offered in person, and share them via YouTube so that you can access at any time you'd like. Please follow the links for each class:

Class 1: Intoduction, Holidays, Maps, Symbols

Class 2: Early US History

Class 3: The Legislative & Judicial Branch

Class 4: The Executive Branch

Class 5: Expansion and the Civil War

Class 6: 1900s History

Class 7: Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities

Review Sessions

All Citizenship Questions

Civics Test

English Test

Follow this link to find the English Test/Reviewing N-400 information for the citizenship interview.

Reading Test

Follow this link to find the Reading Test information for the citizenship interview.

Writing Test

Follow this link to find the Writing Test information for the citizenship interview.

Mock Interview

Follow this link to find a Mock Interview and see what a real citizenship interview may look like.

Work Readiness

Follow this link for information, videos, and resources related to Work Readiness Skills.