Board of Trustees Policy and Procedures


Listed are policy and procedures for the Board of Trustees to help guide and follow in their decision making for the Library. The Board of Trustees may at times, as new problems and unforeseen problems may occur, change or amend these policies and procedures. The duties of the Board of Trustees are as follows but not limited to:


1. Meetings: Board members are required to attend monthly meetings for the purpose of decision making, paying bills and address any and all concerns placed on the agenda regarding the Library. Any member who consistently misses meetings with out excuses may be asked to leave their position as Board member. Notice must be given to the member asking if they wish to be a part of the Board or would like to relinquish their position as a member. If they relinquish their position the Board President will contact the Columbus Junction Mayor and Council for appointment of a new member as stated in the By Laws/Operating Procedure chapter.


2. Hire of Employees: The Board of Trustees will interview and select the Director.


3. Library Assistants/Employee: The Board of Trustees along with the Director will interview and select all Library Assistants/Employees. The President of the Board may appoint a committee or all members of the Board may be a part of the interviewing process. Results of interviews will be presented at a meeting of the Board of Trustees and selection will be made by majority vote.


4. Evaluations: The Board will make yearly evaluations of the Director at least one month before the end of the fiscal year, July. Evaluations of the Library clerks will be conducted by the Director who will report results of such evaluations to the Board.


5. Mediator: If disputes arise between the Director and personnel and matters not settled after two warnings by the Director, the dispute will be presented to the Board of Trustees to act as mediators and give final action to dispute. In the case of disputes between the Board of Trustees and the Director, the Columbus Junction Council will act as mediator.


6. Budget: The Board of Trustees along with the Director will prepare and administer the Library budget and present to the Columbus Junction Council copies for their approval each year in February for final budget publication. The Board will direct the application for state and federal funds to enhance Library programs and ensure the proper and efficient use of those funds


7. Board Committees: Will serve as primary advisor to the Board of Trustees on all matters concerning libraries in general and the community library in particular.


8. Policies: Library policies will be reviewed every 3 years or earlier if necessary.

Written February 2000

Adopted April 2000

Revised June 2002

Reviewed March 2009

Amended November 2015

Amended August 2019

Reviewed December 2021