Chromebook Policy


1. CJPL recognizes the importance of internet and digital communication; the digital divide in rural areas, where internet and internet enabled devices are limited, puts residents further behind with educational and employment related skills. Without opportunities to engage in an online world, digital media, online presence, and other necessary skills are minimized, due to lack of access. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this digital divide continues to grow within rural communities throughout the US, as well as in the Louisa County area. CJPL has made a commitment to providing equitable access to technology resources, including internet access at the library building, internet enabled devices for in-library use, and now, internet enabled devices for check out/use outside the library. Chromebooks can also be utilized in an offline mode, which will then allow items to be saved to the cloud upon connection with a wifi network, such as at the library. This means homes without internet connectivity may still utilize Chromebooks.

2. CJPL retains ownership of the Chromebooks, cases, cords, and any installed software on the Chromebooks. CJPL will provide technical support for using the Chromebooks and will be the sole responsible agent for updates/upgrade/maintenance on Chromebooks. Basic instructions, a copy of this policy, and appropriate phone numbers will be included in each case upon checkout for patron ease/information.

3. Removal of stickers, serial numbers, or other identifying markings on Chromebooks or associated items is prohibited and will be considered theft.

4. Please treat the Chromebooks as you would a library computer. This includes:

a. Refrain from eating or drinking while using the Chromebook.

b. Save files on Google Drive/other cloud storage rather than directly on the Chromebook. Any files saved on the Chromebook directly will be deleted upon return to the library and will not be saved in any other format.

c. Carry the Chromebook in its assigned case and insert/remove storage devices (such as flashdrives) and power cords carefully.

d. Keep the Chromebook in a safe, secure, and temperature controlled location when not in use. Excessive heat or cold can damage Chromebooks and other electronic devices easily.

e. Refrain from installing any further software on the Chromebooks.

f. Report any problems with the Chromebook immediately with library staff. Do not attempt repairs or cleaning on your own.

g. Follow the CJPL internet policy.

h. Return in library. Please do not use book drops for return of equipment, as they are not temperature controlled and could result in damage.

5. Patrons in good standing (no lost materials) may check out one Chromebook per account for a period of 2 weeks, with one renewal allowed prior to bringing the Chromebook back to the library for staff inspection. Further renewals may be allowed, depending on need/reservations at that time. Patrons under the age of 18 will need to have a parent/guardian present upon checking out. Prior to completing the check out, CJPL staff will review pertinent contact information, including address and phone number to ensure contact can be made regarding the Chromebook. Staff will also make a photocopy of the responsible patron’s ID to keep on file while the Chromebook is out. This will be destroyed upon the Chromebook’s return.

a. If the Chromebook has not been returned after 4 weeks, and no contact can be made with the patron, library staff will report the Chromebook as stolen to local law enforcement and local law enforcement will handle the matter. The photocopy of the ID will be provided to local law enforcement to assist in this process.

6. Patrons will be responsible for replacement costs in the event of loss or destruction of Chromebooks, up to the complete and total replacement cost for the Chromebook and case ($450). CJPL director will discuss the unique circumstances of the family and problem with the Chromebook to assess an appropriate replacement cost. However, CJPL does not wish for cost to be prohibitive for patrons to utilize Chromebooks and will work with patrons in the event damage has occurred.

7. Should a Chromebook be lost due to theft or damaged due to fire, patrons agree to filing appropriate police reports/paperwork to document the theft or damage and thus avoid incurring fees. Without a police report or other document of loss, patrons will remain responsible for replacement costs.

8. By checking out a Chromebook, patrons agree to abide by this policy as well as the CJPL internet use policy.

Adopted August 2020

Amended August 2022