Displays, Posters, & Announcements Policy

1. In its role as a forum for information, free thought, and communication in the community, the Library will, at its discretion, exhibit displays and posters or announcements for the bulletin boards which have been submitted by community groups.

2. Only materials of community, national or world interest will be considered.

3. All materials should fit in with the Library's collection or its broader goals as a source of information, education, and recreation.

4. No materials with a profit motive can be accepted; nor can those of a political or religious organization representing a single point of a view.

5. The Library retains, at all times the right to accept or reject, for any reason, any or all materials submitted for display.


Written February 2000

Adopted April 2000

Revised June 2002

Reviewed March 2009

Revised May 2012

Reviewed January 2016

Reviewed October 2019