Museum Pass Policy


The Friends of the Columbus Junction Public Library has donated money for the purchase of museum passes, for the benefit of patrons of the Columbus Junction Public Library. The following policies apply to the use of these passes:

  1. Passes may be borrowed by card holders over the age of 18 and who are in good standing with the library (no unpaid fees/overdue items beyond three months old).

  2. Museum passes will be given a 7 day check-out period; no renewals are allowed.

  3. Only one pass per household may be borrowed at a time, and only one check-out per month per household.

  4. Check-outs are on a first-come, first-served basis. Library staff will maintain and retain reservations for the passes. A waiting list will be implemented, and should the pass not be picked up on the first day of the reservation and other arrangements haven’t been made, the next person on the reservation list will be contacted the next day. Therefore, if a reservation is made on June 11 but isn’t picked up by the end of business on June 11 and other arrangements haven’t been made, library staff will contact the next person on the waiting list at the beginning of business on June 12.

  5. A fine of $5 per day will be implemented for an overdue fee, based on the following schedule:



Total Replacement Cost

Max Days Late Fee Assessed ($5/day)




  1. Should a patron have to replace the card due to loss, that patron’s account will be ineligible to borrow a pass for six months following the receipt of replacement cost (not date of check-out, but full payment of the replacement cost).

  2. Patrons are responsible for obtaining information on museum hours of operation, parking, and/or directions.

  3. Library patrons checking out a museum pass are responsible for carefully reading the guidelines that have been included with the museum pass. The library assumes no responsibility for any misunderstanding that a patron may have regarding the terms of a particular museum pass.

  4. The museum reserves the right to change participation rules and regulations regarding the passes at any point in time; the library will make every effort to communicate those with patrons checking out the pass.

  5. The Library Director and/or her designee shall have the discretion to modify these rules in the event that an accommodation is necessary.


Approved June 2018

Amended August 2022