Operations, Services, and Use of Collection Policy

1. Hours of Operation : Library hours are posted at the door, on the Library website, Facebook page, and in the local newspaper.  The Library will be closed on legal and city holidays.  Closing dates will be posted one week in advance.


2. Patrons: Library cards/accounts are issued at no charge to residents of the City of Columbus Junction, rural Louisa county, and to residents of the contracted cities of Columbus City, Conesville, Fredonia, and Cotter.


3. Library Cards: Individuals register for a library card/account by filling out a patron application. A parent/guardian signature is required for a child under the age of 14 at the time of registration. Library cards can be reissued; however, a library card is not required for library use, as all patrons are registered on an automated system that allows easy access to patron accounts. CJPL is an open access library. Other Iowa library card holders may borrow materials under the State Library’s open access program by providing identification.

4. Circulation of Materials

            a. All books, audio books, and compact discs may be checked out for two weeks. There is no limitation to the number of items checked out. However, the Director is able to limit item check out at his/her discretion, dependent on the patrons’ return history, fines, or missing materials. Full privileges are returned once issues are resolved

            b. Videocassettes and/or DVDs may be checked out for one week with a maxmimum of twelve items at one time.                

            c. Periodicals (magazines) may be checked out for two weeks.

            d. Downloadable audio books and ebooks are available for check out through the Library’s membership in Bridges, a downloadable database. Checkout period is determined by the database.

            e. The library has a number of non-circulating materials that are available for use in the Library. Examples of non-circulating materials are genealogy resources and reference materials. All non-circulating materials have a non-circulating status marked on the material.

5. Renewals

            a. Material renewal may be done in person, over the phone, or electronically.

            b. Books, audo books, and compact discs may be renewed for additional two week periods, as long as there is no hold on the material. DVDs may be renewed for additional one week periods.

            c. Materials that are on a reserve list for other patrons are not eligible for renewal.


6. Reserves: Library materials may be reserved in person, over the phone, or electronically. Materials must be picked up within three business days of notification by phone or email. If material is not picked up in three business days, the next person on the reserve list will be notified or the material will be made available for general check out.


7. Overdue materials: Fines are no longer assessed for overdue materials. The library asks that patrons return materials in a timely manner, so that all patrons interested may read of access the materials. Postcards are sent quarterly regarding overdue materials.


8. Lost or damaged materials: Patrons are responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged materials. If fines exceed cost of the material, only the replacement cost will be assessed.


9. Interlibrary Loan: CJPL will abide by the interlibrary loan policies set forth by the State Library of Iowa. 

a. Library staff will process patron requests immediately. 

b. Patrons will be notified by CJPL when the borrowed material has arrived.  Patrons have three business days to pick up the loaned material. 

c. If the material is not picked up during the three business day period, the material will be returned to the loaning Library. 

d. Library staff will return borrowed materials immediately when material is returned to CJPL and package material properly in order that no damage will occur during the mailing process.

e. Because of the IAShares routes and timeframes, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive an item on ILL.


10. Computer/Internet:

            a. Computers area available to patrons on a first-come, first-serve basis. Patrons using computers for homework, testing, or job applications are given priority.

            b. Computer time can be reserved for testing and homework.

            c. Patrons using the internet in the Library are expected abide by the CJPL Internet Policy. This policy is posted at each computer center.

            d. Laptops are also available for in-library use.


11. Wireless Internet:

            a. The library offers free wireless internet service. The network name and password are available at the circulation desk.

            b. Security for personal wireless devices is the responsibility of the owner of the device.

            c. CJPL wireless service may not be used for unauthorized, illegal, or unethical purposes. No one may send or received or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene or violent.


12. Copy machines, printers, fax, scanning:

            a. CJPL provides copy machine, printer, and fax machine for public use.

            b. Copy/printing fees: 0.25 cents per page (black/white or color). Double sided copies count as one page.

            c. Copyright notice is posted at the copy machine.

            d. Fax machine charges: $1 per page, sending or receiving. No charge assessed for cover sheet or printed confirmation page.

            e. The number of pages is limited to what is considered a reasonable amount by the requesting individual and the staff member assisting.

            f. Staff members fax the materials and will respect the confidentiality of the individual and the materials faxed and received.

            g. CJPL offers a scanning service. Materials scanned will be saved to a flash drive only.


13. Workforce Development Site: CJPL has agreed to serve as a point of access with Iowa Workforce Development. The Library Director or staff members who have received training will assist on a limited technical basis with individuals using the State of Iowa Workforce Development website for unemployment filing and job search purposes.


14. Meeting Rooms:

a. As the Library is housed in the Civic Center, the Library Director works in cooperation with the City Clerk and Community Development Director in reserving meeting rooms. A common Yahoo calendar is used for recording reservations.

b. To meet our goal of being an active participant in our community, use of our meeting rooms is encouraged and supported.

c. Meeting rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for programs, education/ICN classes, committee meetings, and testing sites. Meeting rooms are not available for commercial use or for profit events.

d. Food and drink are allowed in all meeting rooms. Individuals/groups using the meeting rooms are responsible for clean up after events and leaving the meeting room in good order. The individual/group using the meeting room is responsible for any damages.


15. Proctoring:

            a. In keeping with our goal and mission of serving our community, CJPL offers proctoring service to students who are able to test off site and over the internet.

            b. Arrangements are made by the student and teacher with the Library Director, who will serve as the proctor.


Written February 2000

Adopted April 2000

Revised June 2002

Reviewed March 2009

Amended January 2016

Amended December 2019