Patron Complaints Policy

1. The Library staff should be aware that occasional complaints may occur regarding Library services. Although it is hoped that such occurrences will be rare, it is essential that the Library have in place, a policy concerning the handling of complaints and that the staff be well familiarized with it. A response that is both positive and timely may go far in helping to resolve a complaint.


2. The complainant must know that objections will be given serious consideration and that interest in the operation of the Library is welcome.


3. Complaints involving an inadvertent lapse in Library service may be handled by a simple apology, explaining that it is the Library’s desire and mission to provide the best possible service to the community.


4. Complaints concerning a rejection of a request for purchase of certain books or materials may occur in which it is necessary to emphasize that the Library must operate on an approved and somewhat restricted budget and that an attempt is made to purchase those material which have the greatest appeal and usage to the overall community.


5. The staff must be constantly aware that they project the image of the Library, an image that should reflect courteous, friendly and helpful service. Patron complaints about the behavior of staff members should be reported, documented and directed to the Library Director.

6. If a complaint cannot be resolved by the staff or the director, a written complaint should be submitted to the director. The director shall then present the complaint to the Library Board of Trustees for their consideration.


7. The following procedures will be followed in making a complaint against materials held by or accessible in the Library; in requesting that material be reconsidered or removed from the Library; and in making a complaint against the Library staff:

a. All complaints and requests must be submitted in writing to the Library Director
b. Any action upon the request will be deferred until the request has received full consideration by the Library Director and the Board of Trustees of the Library.


Written February 2000

Adopted December 2005

Revised April 2008

Reviewed March 2009

Revised August 2012

Reviewed December 2015

Reviewed November 2019