Social Media Policy

  1. In order to fulfill the Columbus Junction Public Library (CJPL) commitment to communicate and participate in our community, the CJPL will support by policy social networking sites to inform our community, friends, and patrons about library recourses and activities.The availability of  social networking sites will allow our community, friends and patrons to be informed about the library as well as other related ideas and activities, to encourage our friends and patrons to make full use of Library resources and provide communication and interaction and online discussion with the public.
  2. Information on these sites will be presented in a professional format. The information will reflect in a positive manner on the Library, Director of the Library, the Board of Trustees and the Library staff and volunteers.
  3. The Director of the CJPL reserves the right to amend, enhance or remove any posting from social networking sites. The Director will continually monitor the resources, views and accuracy of the posting. Publication of comments does not constitute endorsement of the views expressed by the participants.
  4. Comments from our patrons and the public are welcome and will be periodically reviewed for appropriate language as well as the tone of the remarks.  Comments will also be reviewed with regard to possible conflict with copyright and/or trademark violations, or could be considered commercial in nature, and any other visible or implied content that would be objectionable to the goals and mission of the CJPL.


Adopted April 2012

Reviewed January 2016

Reviewed December 2019