How To...Use Transparent Languages

How to Use Transparent Languages


On our website: navigate to Online Resources, then click on Transparent Languages.


If you’ve never signed up for an account, click “Sign Up.” Otherwise, enter your login information!

If you’ve never signed up for an account, you’ll start by entering your library card number from CJPL.


Then you’ll be asked to select a username, password, and enter your email address. At the bottom of the page, click sign up!


Once you’re logged in, it will ask you to select the language you’d like to learn (I’ve already selected mine so my account recognizes my language choice). At any time, you can click “Browse” on the top left to select a new language.


At this point, you can also log in on the mobile app by clicking on “Mobile Acces” on the top right.


This gives you a unique QR code to scan into the app to sync your accounts. Please make sure to use your own QR code so that your preferences and info sync to your account (otherwise, you’ll be learning along with Mandy)!


And you’re off and learning a new language!!