How to Use...Bridges/Libby

Navigate to this website for more information if you’d like:

Start by downloading the Libby app from the app store of your choice. The icon looks like this:

Download onto your device, then click the icon to open. The app will ask if you have a library card; if you're already a patron of the library and know your card number, click yes. If you need to apply for a library card, visit this page to do so. If you're uncertain of your library card number, please contact the library at 319-728-7972 or to confirm your number.

After you've clicked yes that you have a library card, the next screen will ask you to locate your library. Type in "Columbus Junction Public Library" into the search bar. You can also use the zip code or map feature to locate the library. As you're searching, you'll notice the word "Bridges" comes up - that's the name of the overall consortium we use for ebooks/audio books/downloadable materials. You'll need to select that, then choose your branch, which would be "Columbus Junction Public Library"!

Next you'll need to enter your 4 digit library card number. Then click sign in, and you'll be ready to use Libby to curate your wish list for books, place holds on books, and read! You can read in-app or download via Kindle books if you prefer. As always, if you have any questions, please contact the library for troubleshooting assistance - especially if you've been able to download before but all of a sudden Libby is telling you to contact your library. It's usually a simple fix to get you back to your book!