eBook & Audiobook


Bridges, Iowa's ebook, audiobook, and video streaming consortium, has over 100,000 materials available, including magazines, fiction and non fiction, picture books, graphic novels, and more.

To create an account: download the Libby app on your phone or device. Choose Columbus Junction Public Library as your home library, then enter your 4 digit library card number. You should be able to browse and borrow from there!

If you're having difficulty or Libby tells you there's an issue with your library card, please contact the library at 319-728-7972 during business hours, and we're happy to troubleshoot over the phone!

All media has a two week checkout period and will return automatically! We know wait times on Libby can be long, so the library has an Advantage account, allowing us to purchase our own copies of popular titles and the system then prioritizing those titles for our patrons first, before allowing them to be used across the state. Please visit the file below for a list of those titles, which is updated monthly with new purchases!

View a list of Advantage Titles here.


These are titles owned by our library and that will prioritize our patrons first before diminishing holds statewide.


Biblioboard, in addition to being the library's digitized historical collection, offers a variety of indie author books! Independently published books from across Iowa as well as vetted, Library Journal certified indie books from around the country are included as well. Check out your new favorite author before they hit it big!

Click on the icon below to navigate to Biblioboard. At the top/middle of the screen, it may show Biblioboard OpenAccess; these are items available to anyone to view. To navigate specifically to CJPL, click the three lines on the top left and allow your device to search by location. CJPL should then pop up for you to choose and begin reading/viewing! Biblioboard can also be accessed on mobile devices by downloading and logging into the Biblioboard app.