Ep. 010 - Reading Colors Your World

Take a trip around the world with Erin and Mandy today! Reading Colors Your World is the summer reading theme for Iowa libraries, and we're issuing a special challenge! Read one book from each continent (except Antarctica) by the end of summer reading (July 31) and get entered into a special drawing for a private pool party! These books can also be used in your regular passport for prize entries as well!

So since we issued that challenge, we figured we should highlight some books around the world! The books we talk about could be set on those continents, be about those continents, or have authors from those continents - anything goes if you can connect it to the location! We highlight 24 books - 4 for each continent - for you to consider as part of your summer reading!!!

Alternate title for this episode is "the one where Erin calls out the publishing industry." Really, that's all we could come up with. There was a chunk that got edited out about serial killers. Maybe someday we'll release it, but for now, please just think of us as your sweet neighborhood library and not the creepy ladies who like murderous books and podcasts.