COVID-19 Updates

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, we'll update information here about the library's current policies and protocols. Any previous information will be deleted, so as to not cause confusion.

Vaccinated library staff have the choice regarding whether or not to mask; unvaccinated staff remain required to mask, due to CDC recommendations. Please note, staff are not required to disclose their vaccination status to patrons, as this is protected health information; therefore, masking at the library by staff should not be interpreted as an indication of vaccination status. The City of Columbus Junction does not have a requirement for masks in city buildings but does appreciate the use thereof for all patrons who are able. Additionally, the CDC recommends masking, despite vaccination status, when community spread is high. Curbside service and home delivery is always available; please call the library to make arrangements for materials: 319-728-7972. As always, the library staff appreciates patrons staying home when ill; curbside delivery always remains an option due to illness, injury, etc.

Hand sanitizer is available in multiple locations throughout the library, and public restrooms are open and available for use. The building's drinking fountains remain turned off, however.

The library has resumed all previously scheduled hours of operation and is open at all times for patron browsing, computer use, and reference questions.

Several computers have been returned to their usual location to accommodate for increased usage. There remain two computers that are six feet apart/socially distanced, if this is a preference for patrons when they arrive. As much as possible, library staff wipe down commonly touched surfaces at computer stations between patrons. Other commonly touched surfaces are wiped routinely/multiple times per day. However, no guarantees are made regarding surface cleaning, and patrons may always feel comfortable in asking for disinfecting wipes, etc from staff if they wish to ensure their space is cleaned prior to their use.

Chairs, tables, and other seating have been returned to their regular locations, eliminating the socially distanced seating. Patrons should choose accordingly when deciding their seating within the library. Children's room toys, games, and in-library use items are now available.

Circulated items continue to be wiped down and quarantined for 4 days. Books used in-library are wiped and reshelved. Inter-library loan items have likely been in transit for some time and are not quarantined upon receipt or return, either as a lending or borrowing library.

In-person programming is being planned on a case-by-case basis. The library will be continuing certain take home programs and is trying to plan for hybrid options for all in-person programming for those who would prefer to participate from home/another location. Feedback received by our patrons thus far has been very positive for take-home programming and having the hybrid option available for participation.

Blog: How to Use...


A library is only as good as its ability to be used.  If people can’t find materials or do not know how to request items or services then we aren’t fully able to help our patrons. We are introducing the “How To Use” series to explain services we already have, to announce new services, and bring attention to items that our patrons might not know about yet. We also hope to highlight parts of our new website that patrons can use at home to look up books or recipes, find online tutoring, or explore over 150 years of local archived newspapers from your own device. In this ever changing world Columbus Junction Public Library is striving to bring information and entertainment to our patrons in the best and safest ways possible. We hope you enjoy the new series and our new blog.

Blog: Book Buzz and New Happenings at the Library

We love talking about books and new things always! Check here for updates on books, programs, happenings, and new things at the library!